METALWORKS Seamlessly Integrates with Recessed Downlighting

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LANCASTER, Pa. – New METALWORKS Center Cut Ceiling Panels from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions seamlessly integrate with pre-engineered, recessed downlight solutions from USAI Lighting.

The precise, factory-cut metal ceiling panels, which are available in METALWORKS Torsion Spring, Clip-on, and Torsion Spring Shapes panels, are designed to integrate with USAI Lighting BeveLED® for METALWORKS square trimless downlights, ensuring that the intended design aesthetic is achieved every time. The perfectly centered light fixtures illuminate a space while seamlessly integrating with durable metal panels for a sleek visual.

Standard Sizes and Shapes

METALWORKS Torsion Spring Center Cut panels are available in standard 24" x 24", 24" x48", 24" x 72", and 24" x 96" sizes. METALWORKS Clip-on Center Cut panels are available in standard 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" sizes. METALWORKS Torsion Spring Shapes Center Cut Panels are available in standard 24"x 24" square panels; 24" x 48", 24" x 72", 24" x 96" rectangle panels; and 30" x 36" hexagon panels.

All panels are factory cut and available as standard items in a variety of finish and perforation options. With standard items, no drawing approvals are needed, resulting in shorter lead times. Center Cut options for METALWORKS Torsion Spring and Clip-on panels are part of the Armstrong FAST134 Program, meaning the panels ship to the job site in four weeks or less.

Time and Labor-Saving Solution

The factory cut panels save time and labor since there is no need for panel cuts on the jobsite. The downlight fixtures are fully supported by the ceiling suspension system and no independent support is required. They are approved for use in all seismic areas. The fixtures sit flush with the panel face and are easy to install, field modify, and adjust without removing the panels.

The Armstrong PROJECTWORKS Design and Pre-Construction Service is now available for projects involving the METALWORKS Torsion Spring, Clip-on, and Torsion Spring Shapes ceiling systems. The complimentary service offers a complete design-to-installation package resulting in faster, more efficient design.

METALWORKS Torsion Spring, Clip-on, and Torsion Spring Shapes Center Cut Ceiling Panels are all part of the CleanAssure family of products , including disinfectable planks, suspension systems, and trim that contribute to cleaner and healthier spaces. They are also part of the Armstrong SUSTAIN portfolio and meet the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today.

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