Armstrong Signs The Clean Air in Buildings Challenge

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Armstrong Signs the EPA Clean Air in Buildings Challenge
In leading by example, company’s latest efforts continue initiatives to promote indoor air quality and healthier spaces

LANCASTER, Pa. (February 7, 2023) – Armstrong World Industries has committed to meeting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) “Clean Air in Buildings Challenge,” a call to action for organizational leaders and building owners and operators to assess their indoor air quality and make ventilation, air filtration, and air cleaning improvements to help keep building occupants safer. Armstrong made its participation in the challenge official in January by signing the White House’s Clean Air in Buildings Pledge, a public declaration of the company’s commitment to taking measurable actions to help stop the spread of airborne viruses and other contaminants.

Prior to the launch of the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge in March 2022, Armstrong recognized the need for improved indoor environmental quality and launched the Healthy Spaces initiative the summer of 2020. It encompasses the Armstrong 24/7 Defend air purification products, recognized as best practice solutions by the EPA’s Clean Air in Buildings Challenge. The 24/7 Defend portfolio includes the STRATACLEAN IQ air filtration system and the VIDASHIELD UV24 air purification system, which offers in-ceiling solutions for MERV 13 air filtration and UVC air disinfection.

“Armstrong has been working for many years to pursue healthy, sustainable products. With the rise of the COVID pandemic, we further accelerated our work internally and with strategic partners to put solutions for improved IAQ in the hands of facility managers and building owners in communities across the country,” said Mark Hershey, senior vice president, Americas, Armstrong World Industries. “From schools to office buildings to healthcare facilities and more, our end game is to help make every space a healthy space. Participating in the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge offers another opportunity to demonstrate our commitments and lead by example by implementing critical IAQ upgrades in our own facilities.”

As a Clean Air in Buildings Challenge participant, Armstrong has pledged to take four action steps (“key commitments”), defined by the EPA, to achieve IAQ improvements on its corporate campus in Lancaster, PA, and its manufacturing facilities throughout North America. Armstrong has an indoor air action plan in place, which included assessing indoor spaces for their ability to bring in and circulate clean air indoors.

In order to improve air filtration and cleaning, Armstrong has installed its two in-ceiling air cleaning products – the STRATACLEAN IQ air filtration system and the VIDASHIELD UV24 air purification system – in many offices, break rooms, and collaboration areas. The company will continue its pursuit of the Clean Air in Buildings Challenge in future renovations.

A prime example of Armstrong’s commitment to improving IAQ is the creation of the Living Lab on the corporate campus in 2021. Armstrong created a space featuring healthy building materials and air quality sensors that contribute to improved IAQ. Armstrong engages the community by keeping the space open to customer and employees for tours and co-working, exemplifying  a successful renovation focused on improving indoor air quality.

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