Presidio | Exposed Structure Ceiling

The Challenge:

One of the country’s leading providers of cyber security and other IT solutions recently moved its offices in Richmond, VA, to a new location. The new space is housed in a renovated warehouse and features a large multi-functional/ presentation room surrounded by numerous smaller conference/break-out rooms. Soon after occupancy, office management realized there was a noise problem and a need for better acoustics.  

The Solution:

Acoustical calculations showed that reverberation time in the multifunctional space was a very high 4.6 seconds. To improve the acoustical environment, over 700 square feet of INVISACOUSTICS panels from Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions were installed.

INVISACOUSTICS panels were chosen because they maintained the integrity of the room’s exposed structure design while quieting the space. Designed specifically for direct-to-deck, truss, and I-beam applications, the panels have a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.75, meaning they absorb 75% of the sound that strikes them. The addition of acoustical ceiling treatment reduced reverberation time to 1.0 seconds, significantly decreasing the noise level and increasing speech intelligibility in the space.

Ideal for use when retrofitting and making acoustical corrections to existing spaces, the fine-textured panels measure 2' x 4' in size, are available in white and black, and can be field-painted to match existing deck or wall surfaces. Black INVISACOUSTICS panels were chosen because they blended in with the existing deck and provided the desired sound absorption while virtually disappearing in the plenum.

To maintain the open look that office management desired and to maximize ceiling height, the panels were installed between the I-beams and directly to the exposed deck. According to contractor David Adamson of Virginia Acoustical, panel installation was quick and easy. “The installation went smoothly and much faster than we expected,” he states. “There were no issues.”

The design of the existing conference room ceilings negated the use of INVISACOUSTICS panels or other forms of ceiling treatment. As a result, twelve square SOUNDSCAPES Shapes acoustical panels from Armstrong were installed on several walls. Anywhere from one to five 4' x 4' shapes were installed per room, depending on the acoustical needs of the space.

Project: Presidio

Location: Richmond, VA

Architect: Virginia Acoustical Inc.