Papago Buttes III | Office Lobby

The Challenge:

Papago Buttes III is a 95,000-square-foot Class A office building constructed in 2008. The building’s management recently decided to renovate the interior to update the facility in order to attract new tenants. Included in the renovations were public spaces such as the main lobby, common corridors, and elevator lobbies. According to SmithGroup designer Simone Schoen, the lobby was key to the renovation. “The owners were looking for a unique signature ceiling that would draw eyes up as tenants and visitors entered the space,” she says.

The Solution:

To accomplish that goal, Schoen chose Armstrong METALWORKS Torsion Spring Shapes ceiling panels. The distinctive system allows architects and designers to create dynamic one-of-a-kind ceilings using a standard set of 2D and faceted 3D geometric shapes and perimeter panels.

Measuring 24' x 24', the new lobby ceiling consists of both 2D and 3D panels. The 3D panels are triangular in shape to match the canopies located outside the building. “We wanted to carry the triangular design into the interior of the building and tie the two together,” Schoen explains. All the panels are Silverlume in color, feature swing-down accessibility, and are perforated. They are also backed with an acoustical fleece to provide a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.70.

Lighting integration played a critical role in the project’s success. To aid the design team in that aspect of the project, the Armstrong PROJECTWORKS Design & Pre-Construction Service became involved. The complimentary service offers a complete design-to installation package for its METALWORKS Torsion Springs Shapes ceilings as well as numerous other mineral fiber, fiberglass, and specialty ceiling solutions.

According to PROJECTWORKS Design Specialist John Lutz, the challenge was how to seamlessly account for light fixtures in the ceiling. “To meet that challenge, we made adjustments to the original design and created four small flat areas using 2D square panels. Canned light fixtures were then installed in those areas. Thanks to the configuration of the 3D panels, the flat sections add a dynamic, yet, practical, element to the overall installation.”

ProjectWorks also provided a drawing package that included a reflected ceiling plan in which all the panels were labeled with a letter designation. “This reduced the risk factor greatly because it showed the contractor where each panel goes,” Lutz says. “There was no guessing.”

The new ceiling has had a dramatic impact on all who enter the building and creates a clean, fresh, contemporary feel to the space. As designer Schoen notes, “All who see it agree it’s an amazing ceiling. It is the focal point we desired.”

Project: Papago Buttes III Lobby

Location: Tempe, AZ

Products: METALWORKS Torsion Spring Shapes