Lancaster Mennonite High School | Library Acoustics

The Challenge:

As part of the renovation of its spacious media center, Lancaster Mennonite High School in Pennsylvania desired an acoustical ceiling that would not only provide the required sound absorption but also be more in scale with the size of the space.

Prior to the renovation of the 5,000-square-foot space, the ceiling consisted of traditional 2’x 4’ fissured panels that had become dirty, yellow and water-stained with age. School officials now desired brighter, more finely textured panels that would provide the required acoustics, light reflectance and scratch resistance.

The Solution:

OPTIMA Open Plan high performance ceilings in custom sizes from Armstrong.

Engineered to provide specifiers with more design flexibility, the custom-size panels with exceptionally high noise reduction properties are available in sizes ranging from 12" to 48" in width and 12" to 120" in length. The panels ship within 4-6 weeks and require only a one-carton minimum order quantity.

At Lancaster Mennonite High School, the bulk of the new ceiling is comprised of 4’x 6’ and 4’x 8’ panels. The larger panels are used in rows where there are no light fixtures; the smaller panels in rows with fixtures. As part of the project, the old grid system was removed and replaced with a new one that was re-positioned to meet the layout of the new panels. The existing light fixtures remained in place.

According to the school’s Assistant Superintendent, Marlin Groff, the improvement in aesthetics was noticed immediately after the custom-size panels were installed. “We received numerous comments about how clean and uncluttered the new ceiling is. Even though the light fixtures are the same, it gives the center a completely new and updated look.”

Project: Lancaster Mennonite High School

Location: Lancaster, PA

Product: OPTIMA Open Plan