Model #5424209NCP

METALLAIRE Small Floral Circle Copper 24" x 48"

Model #5424209NCP

METALLAIRE Small Floral Circle Copper 24" x 48"

Small Floral Circle 24-in x 48-in nail-up panels in copper are a popular metal ceiling pattern. These panels can be used as a surface mount ceiling or as an accent wall. This pattern is also available - in a different size and material (stainless steel) - for use as a backsplash. (Note: Photos and videos below may show only ceiling applications.)

$9.00 or more/Sq. Ft. (USD) | Order a Sample

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Nail-up for Walls

Used to install 24" x 48" Metallaire surface mount wall panels as well as 18.5" x 48.5" Metallaire backsplash panels.

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Model Number 5424209NCP
Color Copper
Estimated Price per Sq Ft (USD) $9.00 or more/Sq. Ft.
Product Type Walls
Size (L x W) 24" x 48"
Thickness .01"
Style (Look) Tin/Metal
Material Type Metal
Collection METALLAIRE Metal Walls
Rooms / Solutions Dining Room
Powder Room
Living Room