SAHARA Family of Products

SAHARA Family of Products

View all of the SAHARA product options. High-performing, smooth drop ceiling tiles. Great for basements and updating and repairing home ceilings.

Model #: 273

24" x 24" SAHARA
The SAHARA family of products offer great options for updating an existing suspended (drop) ceiling. Consider selecting one of these ceilings as part of your new suspended ceiling installation as well. With attractive visuals, various performance features and easy installation, these products are the perfect choice for updating your space. Several options are available. Read below to learn more details.

Visual Appeal

All Sahara products offer a modern, clean, smooth-look visual. Available in 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" sizes, most panels have a tegular edge detail, which minimizes the look of metal grid. The 24" x 48" options are a great decorative choice, as they are scored to give a 1' x 1' or 2' x 2' visual, adding some interest and appeal to your ceiling.

Performance Features

The SAHARA family of products offers various performance features including mold, mildew, and sag resistance, making them an excellent choice for a basement. If noise is a concern, these panels also reduce noise within a room and traveling from room to room.

Easy Installation and Replacement

These panels install in a suspended (drop) installation system, allowing for easy access to pipes, ductwork and wiring. Although most of these options install in a standard 15/16" grid system, one option installs on a narrow 9/16" grid system, which helps to minimize the look of metal grid. If you want to update an existing 24" x 48" drop ceiling in your home, consider going with the 24" x 48" SAHARA option - installation is simple, as no additional cross tees are needed.

Product Comparison Chart

Check out the chart below to compare SAHARA products and find the one that's right for your project.

Item Number Size Install System Edge Detail
271 24" x 24" 15/16" Grid Tegular
273 24" x 24" 15/16" Grid Square
276 24" x 24" 9/16" Grid Tegular
9768 24" x 48" 15/16" Grid Tegular
9769 24" x 48" 15/16" Grid Tegular