Acoustical Research Facility Tour

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*Lancaster PA only !

Acoustical Research Facility Tour

AIA Program Number: 06ALT2     Credits: 1 LU     

This program is a guided tour of our NVLAP (lab code 100228-0) accredited acoustical testing facility. Participants will learn the construction means and methods of such a facility, as well as gain an understanding of the ASTM tests for NRC, CAC, STC, and AC. Groups will also learn how construction assemblies can affect the performance of a space, designing for optimum privacy or intelligibility, as well as reverberation time.

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Please note:
IDCEC attendees must self-report for their participation in courses with an approved IDCEC number.  All others have not been approved by the IDCEC and are either pending or are ineligible for IDCEC credits. “Sustainable Ceiling Systems” also qualifies as SD, or Sustainable Design.

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