Insurance Co. Training Facility | Geometric Ceiling


The Challenge:

Situated partially underground, the insurance company training facility was dark and uninviting.

“They wanted to enlarge the facility and at the same time create a livelier space – something that didn’t look like it was in the basement,” says Senior Architectural Associate Ryan DeBari, Interior Design Group Ltd.

To give the space more height, IDG designed an open ceiling concept with clusters of hexagon-shaped panels suspended from the deck. While the company liked the design, its policies did not allow an open ceiling, challenging IDG to come up with a concept for a lay-in ceiling that would include the hexagon shapes. “They fell in love with these hexagon-shaped panels,” explains DeBari. “So, our challenge was how do we create that same excitement in a lay-in ceiling.”

The Solution:

An Armstrong DESIGNFLEX Ceiling System offered a solution. Available as triangles, parallelograms, and trapezoids, DESIGNFLEX Shapes can be combined to create dozens of unique patterns. Using a pre-designed pattern from the Armstrong website, IDG customized the design to create a hexagon pattern. “We customized the pattern so we could use two trapezoid shapes to create the shape of a hexagon,” explains project coordinator Jessica Lies.

The DESIGNFLEX Ceiling System is made up of two different types of panels, including ULTIMA Shapes and METALWORKS Shapes. The ULTIMA panels feature TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance, meeting the acoustical needs of the space, while the METALWORKS panels contrast with the acoustic panels and strengthen the hexagon design. Through Armstrong partner Axis Lighting, IDG was able to integrate geometric-shaped recessed lighting into the design to punctuate the hexagon pattern.

The training facility is the first project to benefit from the free ProjectWorks Design & Pre-Construction Service Armstrong offers to streamline design and installation of its standard DESIGNFLEX and METALWORKS Torsion Spring Shapes ceiling systems.

Upon receipt of the Project RCP, Armstrong provided IDG with a complete design and installation package. “We just let Armstrong know our design intent and they took it from there,” says DeBari. “They took the worry out of it and gave us the confidence that our design intent would work with the product and our vision would be realized.”

Project: Insurance Company Training Facility

Architect: The Interior Design Group Ltd. (IDG)

Location: Park Ridge, Illinois