The Greenway Group

The Challenge:

Creating an office space that provides a functional working environment, while incorporating elements that are on the cutting edge of design innovation.

The Greenway Group is an Atlanta-based consulting company that advises some of the country’s preeminent architectural and design firms. When moving into their current offices, the ceiling was basic, comprised of 2' x 2' acoustical panels with light fixtures and air diffusers scattered around the ceiling plane.

According to Greenway’s founding principal, Jim Cramer, the firm’s working environment often serves as a role model. “When clients are in our office, we want them to leave with design ideas as well as strategic ideas,” he says. As a result, the firm desired a ceiling that was more contemporary and pleasing to the eye.  

The Solution:

A TECHZONE Ceiling System from Armstrong was installed to create a more monolithic ceiling plane while still delivering the required quantity and quality of light and air into the space.

TECHZONE is an integrated ceiling system that organizes light fixtures, air diffusers and sprinkler heads into a compact linear zone that ranges from 4" to 12" in width, and visually coordinates with large-scale Armstrong mineral fiber, fiberglass, metal, and wood ceiling panels. The system eliminates the need for penetrations in the ceiling panels, making them more aesthetically pleasing as well as easier to install and maintain.

The ceiling is installed in a number of different open areas at Greenway, and according to Cramer, the ceiling definitely makes a difference. “It imparts a very clean, custom look to the space,” he says, “even though it uses standard components.”

As Cramer notes, “We talk a lot about the future here, and now we have a chance to live it.”

Project: The Greenway Group

Location: Atlanta, GA

Architect: DAG Architects

Products: TECHZONE Ceiling System