H. Hendy Associates | Canopy Ceiling Panels

The Challenge:

H. Hendy Associates, a Newport Beach, California- based interior design firm, recently moved into new offices. According to Heidi Hendy, the firm’s founding principal, the design team wanted to impart a sense of excitement to a 75-foot-long corridor that leads to the library and serves as a gallery of the firm’s achievements by featuring photographs of completed projects along the walls.  

The Solution:

INFUSIONS Accent Canopies from Armstrong. Available in 2’ x 5’ and 2’ x 6’ sizes with a 60° or 90° arc, the canopies can be used individually or in groupings to create an array of different configurations, including hills and valleys. To create even more interest, the canopies can be used at varying heights.

Sixteen translucent INFUSIONS accent canopies in Peace Blue, a soft aqua color, were chosen for the gallery. Arranged in a series of eight sets of two panels each, the canopies are installed in an asymmetrical configuration, with one end of each canopy attached to the wall and the other end suspended from the ceiling.

INFUSIONS canopies are easy to install, requiring no special tools or installation techniques. They are simply suspended from the building structure or wall with a cable system or wall attachment. According to Hendy, the use of the “floating” ceiling canopies adds a feeling of movement and rhythm to the long corridor. “The canopies are very simple, yet very sophisticated,” she says. “Once we saw the variety of shapes, colors and textures available, we knew we wanted to integrate them into the design.

“The airy, upbeat look of the new gallery, plus the color of the canopies and the reflection of light off of them, now imparts the same uplifting mood that permeates our entire firm,” she adds.

Project: H. Hendy Associates

Location: Newport Beach, CA

Products: INFUSIONS Accent Canopies