Pearl Concert Theatre at Palms Casino Resort | Acoustical Wall Panels

The Challenge:

Studio X at the Palms is the largest and best-equipped recording facility ever built in Las Vegas. The Pearl Concert Theatre is hard-wired to the Studio to allow artists to conveniently and cost effectively create albums of their live performances in the theater. For the owners to realize a return on their investment in these facilities, the acoustics in the 3,294 sq. ft. theater had to be impeccable. The aesthetics of the 2,400-seat theater were also a major priority.

The Pearl Theatre was designed and built to meet the demands of both the sophisticated local market and the demanding high-traffic, high-end tourist market in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Solution:

To address both, 1" TECTUM Wall Panels were installed throughout the theater. The panels were beveled on all four sides and exposed edges were trimmed in rolled L metal. To achieve a precise color-match, the panels were painted on site.

The normal installation practice for TECTUM panels calls for the attaching screws to be almost invisible. This design was different. The plan called for the attaching screws to be a design element in their own right, so they were covered with upholstery buttons in a fabric that matched the custom color of the panels. To accomplish the desired effect, the upholstery buttons needed to be positioned very precisely in order for the screw placement to reflect an exact symmetry. “This project presented some unique challenges,” according to Terry Elder, installation division manager for Dean Roofing & Insulation, “being able to field-cut the panels was critical to this job.”

The TECTUM Wall Panels utilized in this installation make it an acoustically and aesthetically sophisticated space, while the abuse-resistant properties of the panels will ensure peak performance throughout the lifetime of the venue.

Project: Pearl Concert Theatre at Palms Casino Resort

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Architect: KGA Architecture

Products: TECTUM Wall Panels