The Lounge at Gusto | Perforated Metal Ceiling

The Challenge:

When owner Gus Photis decided to open The Lounge at Gusto, he envisioned a space that would provide clientele of the new establishment with a comfortable setting where they could spend the evening and enjoy local entertainment.

To fulfill that vision, however, he knew he would have to refresh the previous space's dated interior, including the ceiling. Comprised of old mineral fiber acoustical tiles that had been painted over twice, thereby greatly reducing their acoustical and light reflectance properties, the existing ceiling was starting to sag and to yellow from nicotine stains.

The Solution:

To help attain the look and feel he desired, Photis partnered with Armstrong Ceilings to install a new METALWORKS 3D ceiling in White. Available in 1", 2", 3" and 4" panel heights, all of which are used at Gusto, the new metal ceiling is installed in a 16' x 16' square over a seating area complete with large sofas and chairs.

The new ceiling, which is especially well suited for hospitality applications, has added dimension and a sense of sophistication to the space. “The new ceiling has greatly improved the appearance of the room,” states co-owner, Dore Photis.

“More importantly, we've gotten great feedback from patrons, who have definitely noticed the difference.”

In addition to improved aesthetics, the new microperforated metal ceiling has also enhanced the acoustics of the space. As a result, the ceiling has a Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) of 0.70, meaning it absorbs 70% of the sound that strikes it.

Made of steel for increased strength, METALWORKS 3D panels are the industry's only 3D panels that install both up and down.

Thus, one panel can have two different looks. The checkerboard design of the new ceiling at The Lounge at Gusto takes advantage of that feature to create a unique, eye-catching visual.

Project: The Lounge at Gusto

Location:  Lancaster, PA