ForknSpoon Café | Open Ceiling Design

The Challenge:

Following the purchase of an Old World-style pizza parlor, owner Jennifer Thompson wanted to transform the existing dark, dated décor into a lighter, brighter one that would create a casual, comfortable dining environment more fitting for an urban eatery.

The Solution:

She began by introducing the vibrant orange and green colors of the café’s logo onto the walls. Then, to give the existing plaster ceiling a new look, Thompson partnered with Armstrong and installed new WOODWORKS Open Cell ceilings in both the serving and dining areas of the café.

Designed to add the warmth of wood to a space while still imparting a feeling of openness, WOODWORKS Open Cell ceilings are available in two sizes, three panel designs, and four rich, natural solid wood finishes. In addition, the Vector edge produces a sleek 1/4" reveal that minimizes the grid, creating a ceiling that is more monolithic in appearance.

A 10' x 10' ceiling cloud comprised of 2' x 2' WOODWORKS Open Cell Linear panels in a Grille Maple finish was installed in the café’s dining area, and a 2' x 14' cloud comprised of 2' x 2' Four Square panels in the same finish in the serving area. The panels are installed in a Pewter Luster PRELUDE XL suspension system and framed with a coordinating 6" high Pewter Luster AXIOM Vector trim.

According to Thompson, the installation of the Open Cell accent clouds has added an architectural element to the space that has created a whole new environment. “When patrons enter the café now, they can’t help but look up and notice the eye-catching ceiling treatments,” she says. “Our regular customers also say the new wood ceiling has really helped soften and warm the room compared to the original plaster ceiling.”

Thompson notes the new ceiling has also had an effect on the staff. “Compared to what it was, the addition of the ceiling clouds has resulted in a big transformation aesthetically, to the point where it’s hard for us to envision what the space looked like without them.”

Project: ForknSpoon Café

Location:  Lancaster, PA

Products: WOODWORKS Open Cell