Wood Wool Acoustic Panels

Functional, Acoustical, Sustainable

Durable, high performance TECTUM ceiling panels that meet today's sustainability standards.

The TECTUM family of products are made of wood fibers, or wood wool, and binder that is turned into a unique textured panel used in ceiling and wall products.  Not only does it bring nature inside, it provides sound absorption, making it an ideal solution for spaces where durability and noise control are needed.

The wood fibers in TECTUM products come from the Aspen tree. The natural lifecycle of the Aspen tree quickly reproduces itself from its root system, and is ideal for building product production.  

The part of the Aspen that grows above ground can live between 40 – 150 years. The root system of the Aspen can survive thousands of years. Aspen regenerate from their root system after the trunk has been harvested.

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