Felt Open Cell Acoustic Panels

Define The Personality of Your Space

FELTWORKS Open Cell panels quiet spaces and redefine the visual plane, while adding warmth to interior spaces.

FELTWORKS Open Cell Kits are available in 3 designs: Ebbs & Flows, Peaks & Valleys, and Rectangular panels

Add acoustics and custom looks to any interior space with FELTWORKS Open Cell panels. 

These felt ceiling kits can be installed as individual square clouds or rectangular clouds, or interlinked to create a wall-to-wall installation.

Part of the SUSTAIN portfolio, meeting the most stringent industry sustainability standards today, FELTWORKS Open Cell panels help to bring down the noise with a soft visual texture that quiets interiors.


Bill and our team can help you with design and specification for your next project.

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Our exposed structure portfolio includes acoustic clouds, canopies, shapes & baffles, and panels that can be directly adhered to ceiling and wall surfaces, including drywall.