AXIOM Transitions

AXIOM Transitions

Fast and easy way to create crisp transitions between ceiling planes regardless of material type (mineral fiber, metal or wood).

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  • Axiom Transitions

    Axiom Transitions simplify and speed up installations through modular solutions that eliminate vertical framing to structure and reduce trade coordination.

  • Steel One Inch Ceiling Transitions

    Learn how to properly install our 1" offset steel transition molding that you can use on all your projects. It will replace corner bead and wall angle, eliminate vertical drywall rip as well as vertical farming, and save money with fewer days on the


Component Type
  • Accessory
Pieces Per Carton
  • 1
Drywall Bottom Trim Straight
Component Type
  • Clip
Pieces Per Carton
  • 1
T-Bar Connector Clip
Used For
Galvanized sheet steel formed to fit into special trim channel bosses. Provides positive mechanical lock with factory-installed screw, screw-fastened connection to suspension members that intersect the trim channel.