Heavy Duty Ceiling Grid

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    When the job calls for a heavy duty ceiling grid, check out the Prelude heavy duty 15/16” grid system. Holding 16.5 lbs. per linear foot on a 4’ span, the Prelude grid system has you covered when you need a grid system to work hard for you.

    A hot-dipped galvanized coating helps protect the grid from rust, while the PeakForm profile increases strength and stability for improved performance. The Prelude heavy duty grid system can be installed quickly and easily. The SuperLock main beam clips are engineered to help guide alignment and secure a connection. You will know you are secured when you hear the click! Call your code official today, and see if Prelude heavy duty ceiling grid will work for you! 

Check out our QUICKHANG Grid Hooks

A fast, easy way to install and level a basement ceiling.  Save headroom – only 2.5” of drop needed!  Great for DIY projects.

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