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Ugly or Dated Ceiling? Cover it Up!

With popular WOODHAVEN planks, simply covering your plain, ugly, or damaged ceilings & walls is easier than ever. Old drop ceiling? No problem! Water damaged or popcorn ceiling? Sure (as long as the root problem is fixed)! Check out the options below for the different ways you can use wood look planks to cover up an eyesore and add some flair to your space.

Ways to Cover Boring or Old Ceilings

Learn how you can cover boring or old ceilings (drop ceilings, popcorn, damaged, or just plain drywall!) with wood-look planks.

Before & After Gallery

View before and after photos to see how covering ceilings can totally transform your space!

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Update a Drop Ceiling with Wood Look Planks

Learn how you can easily update a drop ceiling with WoodHaven™ wood-look planks and Easy Up® clips. Completely cover your ceiling grid without tearing it down and get a popular wood ceiling look in as little as a weekend.

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PDFCover a Drop Ceiling in 3 Steps [156K]


Installing WoodHaven Planks with Included Hardware on Exposed Joists

Watch how WoodHaven Planks are attached to exposed joists using furring strips. This same method can also be used when installing planks over drywall.

Suspended (Drop) Ceiling Installation Guide

Learn about how to install a drop ceiling, including what materials and tools are needed to complete your project. From layout and planning to execution, this guide will walk you through the key steps of installing a ceiling.

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PDF How to Install Your Armstrong® Suspended Ceiling [702K]

Installing Country Classic Plank With the Easy Up System

Learn how to install 480 Country Classic planks with the EASY UP track and clip system in this how-to video from Armstrong Ceilings. The EASY UP tracks and clips are not included in the plank carton and will need to be purchased separately.

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PDF Easy Up Installation in 3 Steps [235K]

Cover a Dated Plaster or Popcorn Ceiling

Much like covering a stained ceiling, covering the texture of a popcorn ceiling is SO much easier than scraping and sanding it down. You'll save time and a TON of mess! They are installed with the EASY UP Installation System too.

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PDF Easy Up Installation in 3 Steps [235K]

How to Install WoodHaven Planks on Walls

Create a stunning effect on your walls by installing WoodHaven planks. You can position planks vertically or horizontally by using adhesive or the clips and screws that come in the box.

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PDF WOODHAVEN Walls Installation Instructions [138K]

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