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    Moisture Resistant Ceiling Tiles Overview

    Gone are the days of saggy, old ceilings, when you choose moisture resistant ceiling tiles from Armstrong Ceilings. When moisture and humidity are bringing you and your ceiling down, try one of these many solutions:

    For an added touch of worldly beauty, try METALLAIRE ceiling panels. With five finishes - White, Chrome, Lacquered Steel, Brass, and Copper - find the perfect panel to blend into your color scheme or add a bold point of interest. Available in 12 different, 19th Century historical patterns, METALLAIRE panels are versatile and alluring - and coated for rust.

    Update a drab space with EASY ELEGANCE coffered ceiling panels. The name says it all - with a quick installation process for advanced DIYers and contractors, and no upkeep afterwards, adding elegance to your home has never been easier. Create remarkable, custom spaces at a fraction of the cost of custom work. Choose from white or black panels in either deep or shallow panel heights.

    Smooth look tiles* by Armstrong Ceilings create an understated yet exquisite ceiling. With noise absorption properties, these tiles are ideal for basements. You can also access wire, ducts, and pipes without hassle. Pick from two sizes (24” x 24” or 24” x 48”) and a variety of style choices in each size category.

    If textured look ceilings* are your go-to choice, pick from several different, textured patterns for your moisture-prone space. Pick between 24” x 48” lightweight, fiberglass panels or mineral fiber panels in both 24” x 24” or 24” x 48”. The 24” x 24” black FINE FISSURED tile may be the perfect addition for your home theatre.

    Superior moisture resistant ceiling tiles from Armstrong Ceilings will enhance any space in your home and combat ceiling sagging caused by humidity.

    *Not all smooth and textured products meet superior sag specifications. Superior sag/humidity performance products will maintain a flat, attractive ceiling visual when exposed to humidity up to 90%; appropriate for spaces where climate control is an issue.

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