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    Ceiling Tiles for Your Space

    Ceiling tiles are available in many sizes and can be installed over an existing ceiling. Browse our all of our products to find the one that will match your room design.

    Decorating with Ceiling Tiles

    Armstrong has several stylish patterns to choose from, so you can find the ceiling designs that work best with your colors and décor. Here are a few ideas for matching design styles with a ceiling pattern, but you can match any Armstrong ceiling to almost any design style. The trick is to make it your own!

    Contemporary Style

    • Style Traits: tone-on-tone neutral color palette, vibrant pops of color, soft lines, light-colored wood furniture
    • Ceiling Tile: SAHARA smooth white 24" x 24" tile with a fine-textured visual


    Mid-Century Modern Style

    • Style Traits: captures the spirit of design styles from the mid-‘40s to late ‘60s. Natural shapes, warm, earthy colors, wide windows, graphic patterns
    • Ceiling Tile: BALTIC Textured White 12” x 12” tile with a stucco plaster visual


    Shabby Chic Style

    • Style Traits: weathered-white furniture, floral prints, vintage accessories, slipcovers, wide plank floors
    • Ceiling Tile: TINTILE tin/metal white 12” x 12” tile that with a visual that mimics antique ceiling styles


    English Country Style

    • Style Traits: romantic feel, flowered patterns, bright colors, ornamental, overstuffed sofas, antiques
    • Ceiling Tile: WELLINGTON tin/metal white 12” x 12” tile with an ornate motif


    Ceiling Tile Performance Features

    Sizes: all tiles are available in the surface mount 12” x 12” tile size, 24" x 24" and 24" x 48" drop ceiling tiles, 6" x 48" and 5" x 84" plank styles. 

    Great cover-up: surface mount options are easy to install over damaged drywall and plaster or popcorn ceilings

    Paintable: You aren’t limited to just white when it comes to Armstrong ceiling tiles. You can customize tiles by painting them to achieve the look you want!

    Warranty: 10/30 Year Limited Warranty

    Environmentally Friendly – all tiles are made with at least 24% recycled materials

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