Wow Without the Work

Wow Without the Work

Stand out from the crowd.

Take a Ceiling from Drab to Fab!

Quoting a project that includes replacing an outdated ceiling? Here's your chance to be a ceiling hero! Our research shows that customers don't shy away from choices that may cost more if it means having a room their friends and neighbors will envy.

Armstrong Ceilings has the solutions you need to take a boring traditional drop ceiling system and transform it easily and effectively, helping you to save time and mess. Read about the benefits to you and the products to make it happen below.

Updating an Existing Ceiling with Decorative Planks or Tiles

Differentiate yourself
Customer satisfaction and reputation building
Most installations take less than a day and require less labor than replacing an old drop ceiling with drywall
Much less mess than alternative ceiling treatments

Differentiate Your Projects

Stand out and get people talking! A 24" x 48" ceiling grid doesn't have to mean an traditional 24" x 48" ceiling panel. Give them a ceiling option they didn't expect - extra 2' cross-tees mean a total ceiling transformation. Wood, metal, coffered, or 24" x 24" looks can make a dated ceiling look like a custom job - and one your customers will be proud to have in their homes.

Build Your Reputation

One job well done is sure to lead to more. Tap into homeowner pride to encourage positive reviews and more referrals. Helping your customers find the perfect new ceiling that fits their budget, meets their timeline, and makes them smile is sure to get them talking.

Save Time

Because most of the Armstrong Ceiling solutions work with existing 15/16" grids and cut like regular tiles, you can save time and simplify the installation. Your customers will be happy the job was quick and even more thrilled with the finished result.

Less Mess

Other ceiling options are messy - you simply can't avoid the dust and dirt no matter how hard you try to contain the debris. We won't claim our ceilings are mess-free, but clean up shouldn't be such a hassle and the rest of the home won't be a dirty casualty of the renovation.