What's New at Armstrong Ceilings

We just launched some great new products for your ceiling! Check out these new and easy ways to dress up your space.

ACOUSTAFFIX Sound Absorbing Panels

Control acoustics while maintaining an open ceiling design with ACOUSTAFFIX sound absorbing panels. These 24" x 48" fine-textured panels provide superior sound absorption and blend into the design with either a black, white, or field paintable finish option. Three installation methods allow panels to directly mount to ceilings or walls.


  • Ideal for open or "industrial" ceilings and walls when traditional suspended ceilings are not desired
  • Designed to blend in with the existing deck while providing superior sound absorption (NRC up to 0.75)
  • Mounts directly to structure
  • Three options available – field paintable, and prefinished black and white
  • Prefinished options have a smooth, clean durable finish – scratch-resistant, soil-resistant
  • 5-year Warranty
  • Can also be used on walls above 6 feet

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Maintenance-free EASY ELEGANCE Flat White ceiling panels are the optimal solution for a variety of spaces, including those where moisture and humidity are a concern. These PVC plastic square-edge ceiling panels are washable, impact resistant, and easy to clean. Flat White panels also perfectly complement EASY ELEGANCE coffered panels when used as a perimeter border. Two options install on 15/16” grid.FEATURES

  • Rigid PVC Plastic

  • Bright white, satin finish - paintable

  • Easy to clean, washable - will not discolor 

  • Durable - impact resistant 

  • Mold, mildew, sag, and stain resistant

  • Lightweight - easy to cut and install in 15/16-in standard grid 

  • ASTM-E84 Class A Fire Rating

  • Residential use only

YUMA White

YUMA White ceiling panels are the ideal choice when the combination of a smooth, white visual with added performance benefits is important. These panels have superior acoustics without any fissures or holes. Four options install in standard 15/16" grid.



  • Smoothest white acoustical panel currently available – no holes or fissures
  • Superior acoustics: NRC 0.55, CAC 35
  • Superior mold, mildew and sag resistance
  • Class A fire performance
  • Installs on standard 15/16" grid
  • Ideal for light commercial spaces or basements
  • Four options available, including a 2' x 4' tegular edge panel

QUICKHANG Installation Products

QUICKHANG hooks and brackets offer a new way to install a basement drop ceiling system directly to joists more quickly and easily than with hanger wire.

The QUICKHANG system is available in accessory kits and can be used with ceiling grid (sold separately). Convenient, all-in-one installation kits are also available with QUICKHANG hardware that include all the components you need to install 24" x 24" or 24" x 48" drop ceilings. 

  • Saves time - faster and easier to install than hanger wire
  • Easily levels your grid system - no more twisting and re-tying hanger wire
  • Maximizes headroom by installing tightly to joists - as little as a 2.5" drop

Learn more about this fast and easy way to install a basement drop ceiling.