METALLAIRE Backsplashes

METALLAIRE Backsplashes

METALLAIRE 18.5" x 48.5" panels are the perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash. Pre-cut to fit most kitchens, they are made of stainless steel, a material naturally resistant to rust, and come in 5 patterns to choose from to complement your décor. These same patterns are also available as larger surface mount ceiling panels in a variety of finishes to complete your look.

Material Type Metal
pdf Installation Instructions - METALLAIRE Walls 281K
pdf Brochure - METALLAIRE Ceilings, Walls and Backsplashes 1M
pdf Cleaning Guidelines 137K


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Read the detailed installation instructions before starting your project.

Nail-up for Walls

Used to install 24" x 48" METALLAIRE surface mount wall panels as well as 18.5" x 48.5" METALLAIRE backsplash panels.

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Metal Backsplash Alternatives

METALLAIRE 24” x 48” surface mount panels may also be used as a backsplash under certain conditions. Offering more patterns and finishes, but in a different material, be sure that any cut edges of these panels are covered and avoid abrasive cleaners to maintain the rust-resistant coating.

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