Definitions Room Dividers

Decorate your home or define your space with these free-hanging decorative panels, which attach directly to a ceiling. They’re a great choice for open floor plan designs with many colors and options available. They can also be used in family rooms, master suites or media centers to create separation as a unique wall system.

Material Type Plastic (PETG)


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Read the detailed installation instructions before starting your project.

Definitions Room Divider Installation Kit

This installation kit includes everything you need to install Definitions Room Dividers direct to a drywall ceiling. Kit is included with each Definitions panel.

Optional accessory kits are available (sold separately) to connect two panels together side-by-side or provide additional mounting to the floor.

Skill Level


Required Materials

Included with each panel. 


Optional Materials

(Not Included)

5827 – Joining Kit

5828 – Floor Mount Kit

Tools You May Need