Suprafine Narrow Grid System

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    Create a functional and beautiful drop ceiling with the Suprafine narrow grid system by Armstrong Ceilings. Suprafine consists of a 9/16” grid face made with a hot-dipped galvanized steel coating that deters red rust. The Suprafine system also uses a PeakForm profile, which increases strength and durability. With the SuperLock main beam clip, install your grid system with peace of mind, knowing that this clip will help you make a secure connection with accurate alignment in no time. The SuperLock clip makes an audible click when in place and is easy to remove or relocate.

    Perfect for any room, Suprafine narrow grid options will minimize grid appearance and allow access to wires, ducts, and pipes. Be sure to browse our selection of compatible ceiling tiles to complete your ceiling makeover.

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A fast, easy way to install and level a basement ceiling.  Save headroom – only 2.5” of drop needed!  Great for DIY projects.

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