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    Can Metallaire ceiling panels really be that simple to install? The answer is YES! Install Metallaire panels by Armstrong Ceilings directly to the surface of your existing ceiling or in a 15/16” coordinating grid system. Here’s what you need to know:

    1. Surface Mount/Direct Apply: For enhancing an existing ceiling, use Metallaire 24” x 48” panels in your favorite pattern and finish. Use adhesive and cone nail heads in a coordinating finish (available in Chrome/Lacquered Steel, White, Brass, and Copper) to apply directly to your existing ceiling.
    2. Suspended Ceiling Installation: After deciding on the finish of your 24” x 24” Metallaire panels, simply purchase a 15/16” grid kit with coordinating finish (available in Chrome/Lacquered Steel, White, Brass, and Copper). Each grid kit installs 64 square feet of Metallaire panels. Hold down clips can be purchased by the carton, which covers 200 square feet of Metallaire suspended ceiling panels.
    3. Finish off your elegant new ceilings with Metallaire accessories. To complement and accentuate your new Metallaire ceiling, finish with Metallaire cornices in a matching finish. Cornices range in height and pattern and measure 48” in length.

    Metallaire installation options make any room come alive. Clear a weekend and give your ceiling a makeover with a brand new, sophisticated Metallaire ceiling. 

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