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    Fire Rated Ceiling Grid Overview

    Your home is your sanctuary. Add a layer of protection with a PRELUDE 15/16” grid system with FIRE GUARD main beams by Armstrong Ceilings.

    The IRC R501.3 currently recommends gypsum or plywood i-joists to meet code. In a side by side test, Armstrong’s ceiling solution withstood the E-84 fire testing for 23 minutes and 40 seconds versus traditional gypsum or plywood membranes testing for 14 minutes and 47 seconds. When seconds count in an emergency, on which would you rely?

    While safety is most important, the PRELUDE fire rated ceiling grid system also provides other attractive benefits. With easy access to ducts, wires, and pipes above, the system allows you to close the fire seal by dropping the ceiling panel back in place. In contrast, you must cut through a gypsum or plywood installation to do work, thus breaking the seal of fire protection. Got a leak? Simply repair the leak and replace the stained ceiling panel with a new one. Most high-performance panels offer superior moisture resistance. You'll also be able to block noise between floors, great for basement home theatres or playrooms.

    Ready to update for safety and style? Here’s what you need:

    1. Armstrong Ceilings PRELUDE XL 15/16” FIRE GUARD grid system with expansion relief notch.
    2. 915 Textured FIRE GUARD 24” x 48” panels. When installed in a FIRE GUARD grid, the system achieves fire resistant UL ratings. Or choose from one of a variety of high-performance 24" x 24" or 24" x 48" panels. When installed on the FIRE GUARD grid, these HUMIGUARD Plus acoustical ceiling panels meet residential codes.

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