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    Drop Ceiling Grid Overview

    When deciding between a traditional drywall ceiling or a suspended ceiling, remember these great benefits of drop ceiling grid:

    1. Suspended, or drop ceilings, allow access above your ceiling so that you can reach ductwork, wiring, or plumbing.
    2. Repairing or replacing damaged or stained panels in a drop ceiling grid is easy.
    3. Clean-up after installation is much faster with many suspended ceilings because less mess and waste is produced.
    4. You can choose from a broad selection of visuals, including black ceiling tiles and grids, textured, smooth, decorative, and even metal ceiling tiles.
    5. Many ceiling tiles from Armstrong Ceilings reduce noise and resist mold and mildew.

    Step out of your comfort zone and into luxury with drop ceiling grid systems from Armstrong Ceilings. With such an easy installation, your new suspended ceiling could be your next weekend project. 

Check out our QUICKHANG Grid Hooks

A fast, easy way to install and level a basement ceiling.  Save headroom – only 2.5” of drop needed!  Great for DIY projects.

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