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    When you want to maximize your ceiling height and create a safe and secure ceiling, look no further than the Easy Up installation system from Armstrong Ceilings. The Easy Up system can be installed over your existing ceiling, covering any unsightly stains or even popcorn textures. Simply attach the direct mount ceiling grid tracks, snap on the clips, and position and secure the compatible ceiling plank or tile of your choice.

    Easy Up clips can also be used on existing 15/16” grid systems to install WoodHaven planks by Armstrong Ceilings. The result is a stunning, updated ceiling with the peace of mind of knowing that the Easy Up system also provides more strength and stability versus wood furring strips. 

Check out our QUICKHANG Grid Hooks

A fast, easy way to install and level a basement ceiling.  Save headroom – only 2.5” of drop needed!  Great for DIY projects.

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