Decorative Room Dividers Offer Beautiful Functionality

Decorative Room Dividers Offer Beautiful Functionality

Decorative room dividers allow you to conquer difficult rooms and open spaces and make them more functional.

Free-hanging room dividers create privacy, security and comfort in small homes, studio apartments, master bedrooms or lofts, where adding a physical wall is impractical or too confining.

In a spacious, open floor plan, decorative room dividers make more efficient use of available interior space by dividing areas with separate functions, such as separating the kitchen from the dining area or the bedroom from the living room. They also work beautifully as a way to create a nook for privacy or a comfortable sanctuary. Room dividers can define a space that’s uniquely yours.

Definitions Room Dividers

This collection of uniquely designed dividers offers panels infused with richly textured linen and sheer waves of nylon. The organic textures of reedy bamboo and fossilized leaves are options that bring a touch of nature’s serenity to any room. Translucent panels come in a sophisticated palette of colors that include a mix of tranquil neutrals like fern and clay, as well as bold accent colors like pumpkin and crimson.

They are easy to hang from a ceiling using a stainless steel cable hanging system included in each kit. Depending on your space needs, panels can look beautiful individually or in groups of similar or coordinated designs.

Creative Uses for Room Dividers

  • Use as a privacy screen in front of windows to allow diffused natural light into a room.
  • Put an energizing burst of color in an otherwise neutral room by hanging panels against a wall. Use a floor lamp or ceiling light behind the panels to cast a soft glow.
  • Create mood and ambiance by placing a floor lamp behind translucent panels in a living room or behind an accent table.
  • Create individual spaces in a shared bedroom or home office.

Beautiful decorative room dividers make it easy to divide a space – without compromising style.