Commercial Product Comparisons

Model #: 954

24" x 24" Classic Fine Textured

Armstrong Ceilings

Armstrong Ceilings



CertainTeed Commercial

231 Washable White None 4290 Custom White None None
241 SuperTuff 303 Tundra None 5899 Touchstone None
258 Grenoble None 4240 Tivoli None None
266 Brighton None 1004 Alpine None None
269 Sand Pebble 1752 Georgian R4800 Moonscape 4805 Pebbled BET-154 Baroque
271 Sahara 1774 Dune 5221 Majestic 4221 Olympia Micro SHM-154 Sand Micro
273 Sahara 1772 Dune None 4211 Olympia Micro SHM-157 Sand Micro
276 Sahara 1775 Dune None 4231 Olympia Micro SHM-150 Sand Micro
280 Plain White None 380 Stonehurst None None
403 Esprit Fiberglass None 209 Tabaret None None
410 Random Fissured 2911 Random Fissured None 7053G Premier Hi-Lite 1530-VIN-1 Versatone
490 YUMA WHITE 1490 Canyon None 62156 Orion None
491 YUMA WHITE 1491 Canyon None 62157 Orion None
492 YUMA WHITE 1492 Canyon None None None
493 YUMA WHITE 1493 Canyon None None None
915 Textured FIRE GUARD 895 Fissured FIRE GUARD 220 Fifth Avenue 586 Fissured None
922 Fine Fissured 1729 Fine Fissured R2410 Radar 2410 Radar HHF-197 Fine Fissured
928 Fine Fissured 1728 Fine Fissured None 2210 Radar HHF-157 Fine Fissured
932 Fine Fissured 1732 Fine Fissured R2220 Radar 2220 Radar HHF-154 Fine Fissured
933 Random Textured 769A Cortega R2310 Radar 2310 Radar BET-197 Baroque
934 Random Textured 704 Cortega R2120 Radar 2120 Radar BET-154 Baroque
935 Random Textured 770 Cortega R2110 Radar 2110 Radar BET-157 Baroque
942 Textured 755 Fissured 280 Fifth Avenue 562 Fissured DMRF-197 Directional Fissured
949 Textured 756 Fissured 133 Fifth Avenue 560 Fissured DMRF-157 Directional Fissured
954 Classic Fine Textured 584 Cirrus Angled Tegular R76775 Luna 76775 Eclipse CM-454 Cashmere®
972 Lumawash 672 Kitchen Zone R3270 Sheetrock R3270 Sheetrock 1140-CRF-1 Vinylrock
973 Lumawash 673 Kitchen Zone R3260 Sheetrock R3260 Sheetrock 1142-CRF-1 Vinylrock
1148 WoodHaven Painted White 1480WHT Lineage Painted White None None None
1201 Raised Panel 8011 Ledges None None None
1210 Single Raised Panel 8013 Ledges None None None
1231 Brightex w/AirGuard 1902 Ultima w/AirGuard None None None
1264 WoodHaven Rustic Pine 1480RPN Lineage Rustic Pine None None None
1265 WoodHaven White Wash 1480WHW Lineage White Wash None None None
1268 WoodHaven Natural Cherry 1480NCH Lineage Natural Cherry None None None
1728BL Fine Fissured Black 1728BL Fine Fissured Tech Black None None None
2012 ACOUSTAFFIX Field Paintable 1212FP INVISACOUSTICS Field Paintable None None None
8008 TinCraft Circles 8008 TinCraft Circles None None None
8009 TinCraft Squares 8009 TinCraft Squares None None None
9767 Scored 2767 Cortega Second Look II R2742 Radar Illusion 2742 Radar Illusion BQCL-224 Baroque Customline®
9768 Sahara Scored II 2712 Dune Second Look None 4742 Olympia Micro Illusion None
9769 Sahara Scored I 2711 Dune Second Look None None None


Note: This product comparison list is intended as a guide and is not meant to represent that products within the same category are identical substitutes. Please consult Manufacturer’s Catalog for specific technical data and U.L. designs required.

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