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Sustainable Ceiling Products

CoolZone Ceilings
CoolZone, an innovative ceiling solution, absorbs energy during the day and releases it at night, keeping living and work areas at a steady temperature around the clock. CoolZone saves energy and improves occupant comfort.

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DC FlexZone™
DC FlexZone offers the ability to distribute safe, low-voltage direct current (DC) power that can significantly improve the flexibility and reuse of interior spaces. It is the first ceiling suspension system that provides an infrastructure for the delivery of low-voltage direct current (DC) power based on the EMerge Alliance 24 VDC Occupied Space Standard.

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Fiberglass Ceilings
Our energy saving, high light-reflective fiberglass ceilings have 70-75% recycled content, and they’re recyclable through the Armstrong Closed-Loop Recycling Program. They’re certified, low VOC- emissions, and the substrate resists mold/mildew and bacterial growth.

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Mineral Fiber
Our mineral fiber ceilings are high recycled content (HRC) and 100% recyclable through Armstrong Closed-Loop Recycling Program. They’re certified low VOC-emissions with our AirGuard™ coating that actively removes formaldehyde and other aldehydes in indoor air.

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Suspension Systems
Our ceiling suspension “grid” systems have 63% high recycled content (HRC) available as a standard option (Interlude, Prelude, and Suprafine). All Armstrong suspension systems contain 30% recycled content, the highest in the industry, and they are recyclable.

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TechZone™ Ceiling Systems
TechZone ceilings offer a custom look via standard components; they integrate with standard, pre-engineered drywall grid and perimeter solutions and coordinate fit and finish across ceilings, suspension systems, light fixtures, air diffusers, air returns and chilled beams.

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WoodWorks® Ceilings
Our WoodWorks ceilings are 92% recycled content and 100% USDA Certified Biobased with FSC®-certified, no-added formaldehyde and rapidly renewable veneer options.

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WoodWorks® Walls
Our WoodWorks walls, available in variety of standard wood species, stains, panel sizes, and perforation options, are 100% USDA Certified Biobased with FSC®-certification and California Air Resources Board (CARB) compliance. Our perforated panels with acoustical backing improves sound quality and reduces reverberation time.

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Ceiling Recycling Program
The Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program, started in 1999, is the industry’s first ceiling recycling program. To date, we’ve recycled more than 163 million square feet, and that grows each day. Our closed-loop process produces Armstrong Ceiling-2-Ceiling™ branded items with the industry’s highest level of post consumer recycled content.

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