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Our values had their start over 150 years ago when Thomas Morton Armstrong, our company founder, started producing cork bottle stoppers in Pittsburgh, PA.  In the late 1800’s, many manufacturers operated under the credo of “let the buyer beware”.  Tom Armstrong adopted the motto, “let the buyer have faith” and he operated that way, putting his name on every bag of corks along with a written guarantee of quality in each bag. 

Through the years our values have evolved but have never strayed far from Thomas Armstrong’s principles.  The Armstrong values have stood the test of time….

  • Maintain high moral and ethical standards
  • Serve fairly and in balance our constituents.
  • Reflect in all dealings….respect, honesty, integrity, reliability, good taste, common courtesy and forthrightness.

We actively promote our Anti-Corruption Policy with our employees, suppliers, partners and agents around the world.