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We all want to thrive - to live the best, healthiest life that we can. We try to be active and exercise. We pay attention to the foods we eat. We relax and play to relieve stress. But what about the places where  we  live, work, and play?   Most of us spend over 90 percent of our time indoors.  The right balance of acoustic, thermal and visual comfort together with good air quality can positively impact health, wellbeing, workplace productivity and learning outcomes.

Armstrong is committed to the drive for health and wellbeing:

  • Reducing noise that interupts concentration, healing and learning through our Total Acoustics Solutions, providing total noise control and design flexibility. 
  • Enhancing daylight and reducing glare, by using the ceiling to bring more light into the space and improve worker comfort, wellbeing and productivity.
  • Providing low emitting products and new innovations that contribute to better indoor air quality, all meeting or exceeding global indoor air quality standards.

Achieving the most respected product certifications that contribute to Green Building Standards in all areas of the world.