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We Are Armstrong

We stand on the shoulders of our founder Thomas Armstrong, who said, “Let the Buyer Have Faith” at a time when most companies said “Let the Buyer Beware.” We honor that history and live it every day.

We are leaders who act responsibly and with integrity everywhere we do business, anywhere in the world. Our Code of Business Conduct embodies our founding principles and helps guide and support our decisions today. It provides a summary of the Company policies for conducting business in a legal and ethical manner. We also pay strict attention to the global and local laws that affect us. We comply with the legal requirements of each country in which we conduct business.

We ask our business partners to uphold these same standards.

All Armstrong business relationships are based on trust and transparency. We never offer or accept any form of payment intended to improperly influence a business decision. We win on the merits of our products and our people, never through bribery or the corruption of government officials. Bribes and kickbacks of any kind are against company policy and are illegal.

We proudly promote our Anti-Corruption and Gifts Policy with our employees, partners and agents around the world. It is designed to uphold our values and assure compliance with anti-corruption laws in all countries in which we operate, including the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the UK Bribery Act, and applicable local anti-corruption laws in Russia, Brazil, China, India, and elsewhere. Armstrong’s commitment extends to the activities of our Business Partners with periodic due diligence reviews at the regional level.

We invite you to review our Code and Anti-Corruption Policy. We appreciate the shared commitment of our customers and business partners to how we do business together.