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At Armstrong Ceiling Solutions, we commit to reduction and responsible use in all aspects of our business.

  • In our 25 manufacturing facilities throughout the World, we have strategies, policies, and targets to drive reduction in energy, water and waste.
    • Armstrong  takes industry waste streams and upcycles them into our products.  By doing so, we use far more waste than we generate.
    • Each of our manufacturing facilities has an annual energy reduction target that contributes to greenhouse gas reduction.
    • Rainwater harvesting, water recycling and infrastructure improvements are a few ways that our manufacturing facilities use less water. 
  • Armstrong World Industries’ Corporate Headquarters Campus in Lancaster, Pennsylvania has a LEED-EB Platinum certified building.
    • In 2007, this was the first building outside of California to achieve the highest certification offered.
    • In 2014, this building was the first building in Pennsylvania to be re-certified LEED Platinum.

  •  As founding members of Green Building Councils around the world, we work in our local communities to support initiatives and education.