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Please choose one of the options below to report concerns about Armstrong's accounting, internal controls or auditing matters or ask other questions of the Board of Directors or the Audit Committee.

Write to the Armstrong Board
Armstrong World Industries
c/o Director of Compliance
P.O. Box 3001
Lancaster, PA  17603

Email the Armstrong Board
(Messages are collected by the Office of Compliance and reported to the Board.)

  • Concerns relating to Armstrong's accounting, internal accounting controls or auditing matters will be referred to members of the Audit Committee.
  • Other concerns will be referred to the Lead Director of the Board.
  • All questions and concerns will be received and processed by the Office of Compliance.
  • We encourage you to provide your contact information to allow us to follow up and collect more information as needed.  You can request that your concern be treated confidentially, and we will honor that request if we can.
  • If you are especially concerned that your message remains anonymous, you should send it by mail.