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Armstrong U.S. plant managers may submit grant requests to the Armstrong World Industries Foundation on behalf of 501 (c)(3) organizations that are not private foundations and are recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as eligible to receive tax-deductible contributions and are situated in the United States or its possessions. This program supports charitable organizations that are important to Armstrong World Industries employees and the communities where they live and work.

If it is not already on file with the Armstrong World Industries Foundation, plant managers are responsible for requesting and submitting a copy of the charitable organization’s:

  • IRS Tax Exemption Determination Letter recognizing that your organization is exempt from federal income tax and indicating your "public charity classification" (see section 509(a) Internal Revenue Code).
  • Signed Statement that the Determination Letter Is Still in Effect
  • Form 1023 Application for Tax Exemption Under 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (Optional)
  • Most recent Form 990 "Return of Organizations Exempt from Income Tax"

The minimum grant that will be issued is $500 for any one charitable organization, and the maximum grant that will be issued is not to exceed the discretionary amounts allotted for each plant's community. The time frame for submitting your discretionary grant requests each year is April 1 - June 30. Checks are mailed to the plant managers the beginning of May. Plant managers are responsible for ensuring that checks are presented to the organizations by September 15. Confirmation of the presentation must be sent via email to Cindy Gregg, Foundation coordinator by September 15. You must provide a brief narrative of the organization and, where possible, please take and submit pictures of the check presentation you make to each organization. Funds not spent by June 30 will be awarded to United Way agencies in the respective market. The Foundation will send these checks directly to the agencies as part of the second quarter payment process the beginning of July.

Since the Armstrong World Industries Foundation already supports a Higher Education Gift-Matching Program, this program excludes educational institutions, primary and secondary schools. Organizations seeking funding to support religious services or proselytism and organizations that foster political and legislative agendas are ineligible for funding from the Foundation. Faith- based organizations that separately run charitable civic or social programs and file related Form 990 reports for such operations can be considered for contributions to support such separate programs.

Payments for memberships, subscriptions, or anything else for which any goods or services are received are not eligible.

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