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The Employee Hardship Program provides limited grants to poor or underprivileged who are experiencing financial hardship or who are the victims of a natural disaster or catastrophic illness.

Recipient - Any member of the general public, although preference will be given to active or retired employees of Armstrong World Industries and their families and dependents. Eligible recipients will not include any current officers or directors of either the Armstrong World Industries Foundation or Armstrong World Industries, or any dependents or blood relations of such persons. Former officers or directors will not be eligible recipients unless more than five years have elapsed since their service as an officer or director, nor will their dependents or blood relations be eligible recipients during such five-year period unless such officer or director is then deceased.

All grants will be made strictly based upon financial need, and grants will be unrelated to any other considerations such as length of service with Armstrong World Industries, job classification, continued employment, or even the reason for termination of employment. In extending grants, a strong preference will be given to the elderly, minors, the sick, infirm and those in need of basic human services.

Gifts and grants will be made strictly on a one-time basis, and no individual can receive a grant in excess of $50,000. To the extent practicable, payments will be made directly to service providers such as doctors or physicians. Prior recipients of funds will not be eligible for future grants unless they can demonstrate a change of circumstance (i.e., a recipient who previously received monies for assistance from a natural disaster like a flood, can receive monies for a future catastrophic illness).

Recipients may be required to document need such as by a current verified financial statement, income tax returns or evidence that they are qualified for public assistance. In the event of a natural disaster, proof of loss or damage will be required, and in the case of catastrophic illness, proof of unpaid medical bills and lack of insurance coverage will be required.

Limited funds have been set aside by the Foundation for the Employee Hardship Program. Once the dollars have been exhausted for the calendar year, no further requests will be considered for that year.

The program may be changed, suspended, or terminated at any time without notice and its administration, interpretations, and applications of the provisions of the program shall be final.

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