TECTUM I Acoustical Roof Deck

TECTUM I Acoustical Roof Deck

Excellent sound absorption available in plank, long span plank, and tile for low-slope applications.


TECTUM I structural acoustic roof deck provides excellent sound absorption, a thermal barrier for field applied foam plastics, and is compatible with a wide variety of insulation and roofing materials.

Key Features & Performance

  • Sound Absorption — NRC up to 0.80
  • R-Value up to 6
  • Spans up to 6 feet
  • 50 pound design load
  • Diaphragm shear up to 542 dsn/lf
  • Nailable Surface
  • Low slope applications

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Sustainability Profile
LEED  • Living Building Challenge
FSC® Certified
Contributes to LEED v4
Living Building Challenge Compliant