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Consider PLASTERFORM cornice, trim, and light coves as the perfect finishing touch.

            Shown above: PLASTERFORM exterior cornice (l) and PLASTERFORM molding (r)

PLASTERFORM moldings are lightweight, durable, and perfect for interior and exterior applications.

Moldings offer endless options that elevate your overall design by seamlessly blending into your ceiling and walls or providing unexpected contrast.

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Architectural Castings for Ceilings & Walls


AIA Program Number: K1904C Credits: 1 LU HSW
IDCEC Approved: Credits 1 LU 

In this course, we will explore architectural castings and see how an understanding of their variety and properties can help architects use them very effectively in virtually any type of building including interior and exterior applications.

This course has four learning objectives:

  • Identify and recognize the characteristics of architectural castings as an alternative to traditional concrete, stone, and gypsum materials.
  • Investigate the design potential and innovative opportunities to incorporate architectural castings made from GRG, GFRC, FRP, and cast stone.
  • Assess the functional contributions of architectural castings as they contribute to green and sustainable design.
  • Formulate an assessment of the relevant cost saving considerations when specifying and designing with architectural castings.

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