AXIOM Core & Shell Shade Pockets | Building Perimeter Systems

Grid and Trim

LANCASTER, Pa. – Armstrong Ceiling & Wall Solutions has added AXIOM Core & Shell Shade Pockets to its line of building perimeter products. The new additions allow a building owner to provide a consistent “base” perimeter shade pocket installation throughout a building while still allowing flexibility for future ceiling systems selected by the tenants.

Manufactured from extruded aluminum, the pre-engineered shade pockets can be installed during the core and shell building phase. Early shade pocket installation allows the contractor to finish the interior while providing the tenant the flexibility of installing the faceplate later.

Easy-to-Specify System
The perimeter system consists of a base 2.5-sided pocket and accessory trim pieces that interface with the corresponding ceiling system and shade installation. The easy-to-specify shade pockets require less installation time and allow contractors to finish a space quickly. The pockets integrate with both acoustical and drywall ceilings and allow for an integrated transition between the wall and future ceiling system.

By replacing the framing, boarding, taping, mudding, sanding, and painting commonly used for shade pockets, AXIOM Core & Shell Shade Pockets reduce the risk associated with field fabricated, labor-intensive accommodation of air distribution, window pockets, and ceiling elevation changes at the ceiling perimeter.

Part of SUSTAIN Portfolio
The new shade pockets are part of the Armstrong SUSTAIN portfolio meeting the most stringent industry sustainability compliance standards today.

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