The Ideal Combination of Sound Absorption and Sound Blocking

More cleanable hard surfaces make flexible TOTAL ACOUSTICS panels a great choice for today’s changing open or closed spaces, even without building walls to the deck.

How do you design acoustics in changing spaces – for tomorrow and for the future? Ceilings with TOTAL ACOUSTICS performance provide solutions for many types of spaces – in open or closed plan areas, areas divided with partitions, with walls built to deck or not, whether you’re seeking quieter spaces or certain levels of privacy/confidentiality.

Flexibility is key as you create an acoustical space that allows for best practices as interiors are reconfigured to maintain changing requirements. 

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TOTAL ACOUSTICS ceiling panels feature the ideal combination of sound absorption and sound blocking. So whether you are trying to reduce noise in concentration or focus spaces, creating collaborative environments or working to ensure confidentiality, get total noise control and design flexibility with TOTAL ACOUSTICS ceiling panels.

* Acoustics performance for WOODWORKS and  METALWORKS ceilings is determined by the product, perforation, and infill panel. See product data sheets for detailed information.

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    High traffic spaces or multipurpose spaces where maximum sound absorption and sound blocking are needed to help keep noise levels down and prevent disruption to adjacent spaces.

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    TOTAL ACOUSTICS = NRC 0.70-0.75 AND CAC 35+

    Spaces where strong sound absorption and sound blocking are needed for all-around acoustical performance.

  • Good


    TOTAL ACOUSTICS = NRC 0.60-0.65 AND CAC 35+

    Spaces where less sound absorption is required but sound blocking is needed to maintain privacy between adjacent areas.

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We offer a variety of continuing education courses to help you with everything from understanding how to design for acoustics in today's flexible interiors to acoustic design in green building. All are AIA-approved and many are IDCEC CES-approved.

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