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Keep kids in the classroom with healthy building products.

High Scores For Learning Environments

Studies show children are suffering from learning loss due to challenges with at-home learning, scheduling changes and teacher adjustments. In some cases students are six months behind due to the pandemic. Learning loss is influenced by factors such as poor acoustics, bad indoor air quality and insufficient lighting.

Whether you are specifying sustainable, healthy building products, researching options to present to the school board or advocating for better learning environments for children, you can start at the ceiling to improve indoor environmental quality.

Staff and parents can rest assured knowing that students are surrounded by clean air, optimal lighting, great acoustics and thermal comfort. A healthy learning environment starts at the ceiling.

Clean The Air

Reassure students, staff and parents with VIDASHIELD UV24 Air Purification System. The unit draws the air up and away from students, cleans it, and recirculates it back into the room.
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Case Studies

Bridge Prep Academy

After learning that a portion of the funds from the American Rescue Plan Act could be used toward HVAC corrections and filtration systems,  BridgePrep Academy Charter Schools used funds from an ESSER grant that would enable the upgrades needed to improve indoor air quality at the schools.

The VIDASHIELD UV24 air purification system was installed throughout the school, and it includes shielded ultraviolet light and filtration which neutralizes 97 percent of bacteria, viruses, and allergens in the air. “The VIDASHIELD units add an extra layer of protection that helps parents feel more comfortable about sending their kids back to school,” says Lourdes Pena, director of Facilities & Operations. “It’s something they can actually see in place that is helping improve the quality of the air.”

Project: BridgePrep Academy Charter Schools

Location: Florida

Contractor: Deaco Air

Products: VIDASHIELD UV24 Air Purification System and SCHOOL ZONE FINE FISSURED Ceiling Panels

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