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Why Does Indoor Environmental Quality Matter?

We spend roughly 90% of our lives indoors, and the past few years have highlighted how our wellbeing is directly affected by our physical surroundings. Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) consists of several key factors: air, sound, light, temperature, and more.

Making sure we have healthy air, impactful acoustics, sufficient lighting and thermal comfort are essential to health and well-being in spaces where we live, work, learn, heal and play.

Explore how you can create a space with outstanding IEQ, starting at the ceiling, when you choose sustainable, healthy building solutions.


Enjoy clean and fresh, instead of stale and contaminated.


Appreciate calm and soothing, instead of loud and distracting.


Bask in ideal and natural light, instead of too bright or too dim.


Thrive in stable, thermal comfort instead of temperature swings.


Utilize red-list free, responsible solutions instead of products with chemicals and VOCs.


Experience inspiring, integrated, smart design instead of disjointed and boring.


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Overview of our high-performance ceiling and wall solutions that meet the ever-changing challenges of today’s work environments.

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Contain the air with AIRASSURE ceiling panels.

Clean the air and disinfect ceilings with VIDASHIELD UV24 Air Purification System.

Indoor Environmental Quality

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Small Business - Ceiling Selector

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CMD office

CMD Construction, a general contractor in southern California, recently moved into larger offices and a main objective was to provide the employees with an indoor environment that made them feel safe and gave them peace of mind. One way the firm met this goal was improving indoor air quality by incorporating a package of 24/7 Defend products. The effort included replacing the existing ceiling with ULTIMA HEALTH ZONE AIRASSURE acoustical ceiling panels, and adding VIDASHIELD UV24 Air Purification units to the space.