WOODWORKS Concealed: 5983W1

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  • WOODWORKS Concealed Wall-to-wall and Floating Installations

    Video on installation of new WOODWORKS Concealed Wall-to-wall and Floating Ceilings

  • Impact Isolation Clip for Drywall Grid Systems

    "Control sound between drywall ceiling spaces and eliminate costly isolation hangers. The impact isolation clip drywall main runners have a sound dampening isolator built-in - just hang your drywall main runners and cross tees as you would any st

  • WOODWORKS Concealed

    WOODWORKS Concealed panels are installed using a standard 15/16” suspension system. Learn more about the installation of this system by watching this short video.

  • WOODWORKS Linear Installation

    The WOODWORKS Linear suspension system and plank design have been improved to reduce installation time by 30%-50%. Consider WOODWORKS Linear for your next project.