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By Item #


  • [Discontinous Ceilings] SS Shapes Individual Installation US

    [Discontinous Ceilings] SS Shapes Individual Installation US

  • Installing SoundScapes Shapes

    With SoundScapes Shapes the sky is the limit with these acoustical clouds. See the three types of suspension systems options for installing SoundScape Shapes.

  • AXIOM Glazing Channel Installation

    Watch how easy AXIOM Glazing Channel is to install.

  • RC2 Radius Clip

    Here we have the RC2 clip that allows you to work with acoustical or drywall grid system when working with radius. Learn how to install this with convex and concave installations.

  • Soundscape Shapes Direct Uptight Hung

    In this video, we will be taking a look at hanging a single SoundScapes Shapes panel directly to the ceiling and the wall.