Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Fitwel® Certification

The Challenge:

The Avenue is a 25,000-square-foot building located on the corporate campus of Armstrong World Industries. Originally constructed in 1988 as a warehouse, the facility now serves as a showcase for Armstrong acoustical ceiling and wall products and as a meeting place for employees, customers, students, industry groups, and other visitors.

To better showcase the depth and breadth of the Armstrong portfolio, the building recently underwent a major renovation. The renovation had a number of goals. One was to effectively convey the acoustic benefits of the ceilings. To do so, several meeting rooms were created, each with a different ceiling, allowing visitors to hear the difference a ceiling can make.

In addition to highlighting the acoustic environment of the facility using a variety of solutions, another of the renovation goals was the enhancement of occupant health and well-being.  

The Solution:

To meet this goal, Armstrong participated in the Fitwel® assessment and certification program. Fitwel is a joint initiative between the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the General Services Administration (GSA), and is operated by the Center for Active Design. Its purpose is to enhance a space by integrating proven scientific strategies that optimize occupant health and productivity into a building. The program provides third-party certification against a baseline of more than fifty evidence-based design and operational criteria for building enhancement by addressing a broad range of health behaviors and risks. The Avenue earned high marks in areas such as proximity to amenities, access to green space, and availability of exercise opportunities. Also receiving high marks were active design (e.g. bike parking, accessibility/use of staircases over elevators), access to healthy food and water, indoor air quality, and emergency procedures.

“As a company focused on creating healthy spaces where people live, work, learn, heal, and play, we are excited to show how The Avenue aligns to this standard,” said Armstrong Sustainability Manager, Anita Snader. “We look forward to contributing to our customers’ Fitwel projects and providing healthier choices made of sustainable materials.”

The Avenue is the first private sector building in Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia to be Fitwel certified.

Project: Armstrong Ceiling Solutions Fitwel® Certification

Location: Lancaster, PA

Products: Products in Armstrong Ceiling Solutions portfolio are showcased throughout the space