Campbell University Law School | Ceiling Recycling Program

The Challenge:

Campbell University will soon be relocating its Norman Adrian Wiggins School of Law from the school’s main Buies Creek, NC campus to downtown Raleigh. To carry out the relocation, the university is renovating a former commercial office building to house the school.

In a renovation project of this type, old suspended ceiling panels would normally be removed, thrown into a dumpster and taken to a landfill for disposal. However, the school wanted the renovation to not only demonstrate its commitment to its students, but also to the environment. 

The Solution:

The school is participating in the Armstrong Ceiling Recycling Program and recycling more than 100,000 square feet of old, discarded ceiling tiles rather than dumping them in a landfill.

According to Campbell Vice President, Jim Roberts, the reason for recycling the ceilings is easy: “We have nearly 4,000 young people on campus who constantly remind us of our need to care for the environment and for their future. The ceiling recycling program provides us with one more opportunity to do that. As a result, ceiling recycling is now the norm on campus rather than the exception.”

Roberts notes that this results in an economic benefit as well. “By recycling ceilings and other construction waste materials, we’re able to reduce our landfill disposal charges. However, while this does provide a financial gain, it is not our main objective. We want to do what works best for us in the long run to reduce our waste stream.”

Campbell learned of the program through Southeastern Interiors, an acoustical contracting firm that is quite familiar with the ceiling recycling program. The company has been involved in the program since 2001, and has shipped more than 40 trailers full of discarded ceiling tiles to be recycled.

Project: Campbell University Law School

Location: Raleigh, NC

Products: Ceiling Recycling Program